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Our Premium Access Barriers offer the ideal solution for businesses across Dublin and throughout Ireland seeking a cost-effective means to manage access within their premises. Designed for ease of installation with no structural alterations necessary, our barriers ensure seamless integration into your property layout.

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    Achieve high-quality access control without breaking the bank.

    Easy Installation

    No need for structural or building work; our barriers integrate effortlessly into your premises.

    Robust Control

    Prevent unauthorized access in high traffic areas.

    Legal Compliance

    Ideal for businesses needing to meet specific regulatory standards.

    Ensure security and compliance on your business premises.

    With a range of versatile applications across industry sectors, our Access Barriers are more than a mere means of restricting areas – they’re an integral part of your business’s security and operational strategy. From upholding government legislation in alcohol-selling establishments to managing traffic in restaurant and nightclub venues, these barriers promise robust control and seamless functionality.

    • Galvanised Steel: Manufactured from high grade galvanised mild steel.
    • Powder Coated: Powder coated to a lustrous, high-quality finish.
    • Custom Colours: Standard colours are white or black. Custom colours available.
    • Strength Tested: Extra strong, strength tested Trellidor uprights.
    • Aluminium Lock Styles: Lock styles and jambs manufactured from aluminium.
    • Easy Gliding: Steel bases fitted with 75mm rubber wheels for easy gliding and movement.
    • Unlimited Lengths: Barriers are attached, locked, and extended to unlimited lengths.
    • Custom Lengths: Standard sizes included 1m, 2m or 3m lengths. Custom lengths available on order.
    • Max. Width & Height: Maximum width per unit 3.5m and maximum height 1.57m.


    Adjustable to the required width.

    Easy To Move

    Easy to move to wherever it is needed.

    Suitable For Large Openings

    Units link and lock together for large openings.

    Suitable For Uneven Surfaces

    Can be used on uneven surfaces.


    Made from high quality material, so durable and robust.

    Compact Units

    Retracted units are compact, easy to pack and require minimal storage space.

    Custom Colours

    Standard units are white or black. Custom colours made to order.

    Custom Sizes

    Standard units are 1m, 2m or 3m sizes. Custom sizes made to order.

    • High-quality construction ensuring durability.
    • Sleek design that complements any business environment.
    • Adjustable and customisable to accommodate various layouts.
    • Suited for indoor and outdoor use, providing a versatile solution.

    For urgent orders or specific timelines, please contact us for a custom quote.

    • Shops complying with alcohol-sale timings and display regulations.
    • Nightclub venues requiring access control for VIP zones or private areas.
    • Conference centres or hotels needing to restrict access to specific premises.
    • Restaurants and fast food outlets desiring to block off sections or service zones.
    • Factories where roller shutter areas are open and exposed entrances need to be closed off and secured.
    • Food and liquor outlets where access to aisles must be managed to comply with trading regulations.
    • Shopping Centres where public access to certain areas is controlled to comply with Health and Safety regulations.
    • Controlling movement and access in facilities used by the public such as airports, hospitals, showrooms, museums, and exhibitions.
    • Construction sites, where areas must be closed off to the public, materials stores need to protected, and dangerous areas cordoned off.


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