Smoke and Fire Curtains and Screens

Smoke and Fire Screen installed in the IFSC in Dublin

Smoke Curtains – Fire Curtains – Smoke and Fire Screens – Smoke and Fire Curtains Dublin

We specialise in the supply of Industrial and Residential, Smoke and Fire curtains throughout Dublin and the rest of Ireland. Automatic smoke and fire curtains are designed to protect life and help save lives, by containing and stopping the spread of lethal smoke and gases.

Fire curtains require a pair of side guides attached to the wall for the curtain to descend into and then to rest securely on the floor, restricting the passage of fire.

Smoke curtains do not require side guides and may allow some smoke in at the corners or edges. An over-lapping system is used to reduce this effect. Smoke curtains are used in many modern buildings and are employed in the event of a widespread fire to restrict the spread of smoke and hot gases along the underside of a roof, ceiling or balcony.

Smoke curtain barrier that controls the movement of smoke in a building during a fire. It comprises of a technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric fixed to a steel roller which is driven by an internal tubular electric motor.

The roller is mounted and enclosed in a steel housing and the bottom edge of the curtain has a weighted bar. It is activated from a fire detection system and closes above head height (sometimes to the finished floor level) to create a smoke-free layer and if often used as part of an overall smoke control system or Smoke Heat Exhaust Ventilation System (SHEVS).

We have a prompt and efficient repairs service which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is available throughout Dublin and nationwide. We also offer an excellent after sales service to ensure your Smoke and Fire Curtains and Screens are operating correctly.

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