Anti-Ram Barriers and Posts

Anti-Ram Barriers and Posts securing a shop front

Anti-Ram Barriers – Anti-Ram Posts – Anti Ram Bollards Dublin

Anti-Ram Barriers, Anti-Ram Posts and Anti-Ram Bollards offer a highly visual deterrent to ram raiders. The primary purpose of these anti-ram barriers is to protect, control and restrict access to property and protect roller shutter and industrial doors from frontal assault which will save on damage and repairs. We can supply and fit a complete range of anti-ram barriers, posts and bollards in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

Anti-ram posts are appropriate for installation in commercial, industrial and domestic situations. Ace Engineering have installed anti-ram barriers and posts for clients to protect their roller shutters, premises entrance, industrial doors, warehouse entrances etc. Domestic installations include protecting car park spot with a driveway anti-theft post. These anti-ram posts can be used to protect caravans, boats, trailers etc. Ram posts provide a visual deterrent to thieves and prevent the removal of your property.

Anti-ram barriers, posts and bollards can be static, removable or retractable. Hidden anti-ram barriers, which raise and lower via remote control are available. We can supply posts in the colour of your choice. A number of post styles are available from standard cylinder and rectangular to more ornate posts.

We have a prompt and efficient repairs service which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is available throughout Dublin and nationwide. We also offer an excellent after sales service to ensure your anti-ram barriers, anti-ram posts, anti-theft posts and bollards are operating efficiently.